Ted Watts, bass, vox
Ted Watts, bass, vox
Ben Azzara, drummer
Ben Azzara, drummer
Blaine Misner, guitar, producer
Blaine Misner, guitar, backing vox


The Love Load - Metal Mothman

Washington D.C.'s The Love Load are proud to release their new EP entitled "Metal Mothman" due to be available on Vinyl in 2016. "Metal Mothman" sees the band once again delving into concept rock on their most metallic release to date. The subject is the legend of the Mothman, the horrified residents of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967.

Despite the dark subject matter, "Metal Mothman" is raucously fun and harkens back to a heavier time. The listener feels in the room with The Love Load and also absorbs the band's virtuosity via the shredding guitar, bass, and drums on rhythm tracks caught live while inspired, powerful and gritty vocals lead the listener on the journey. The Love Load's "Metal Mothman" is a dazzling rock record!


7" Vinyl coming soon!

The Love Load - Oh Be Joyful

Washington DC power trio, The Love Load, has released a new 4 song EP entitled "Oh Be Joyful!" soon to be available on vinyl at a record bin near you. "Oh Be Joyful!" marks the band's third release and follows the same format as last year's critically acclaimed "Three On A Match".

Clocking in at barely 10 minutes "Oh Be Joyful!" moves past the listener like an accomplished and slightly neurotic marathon runner sprinting for her life. The songs are dense and menacing, and the music sounds like The Clash's Joe Strummer and David Bowie begot three sons who imbibe amphetamines and make rock records in their nation's capital. "Oh Be Joyful!" is louder, faster, and angrier than The Love Load's previous work. However fans of the band will find their way in easily, and this record is destined to create a new population of converts. So dear listeners "Oh Be Joyful" and enjoy!

7" Vinyl available!

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